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Community Outreach Coordinator

Richmond, VA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Reclaiming the Monument is seeking a Community Outreach Coordinator to join our team for a one year contract position as part of our Recontextualizing Richmond project. Recontextualizing Richmond is a one year public art campaign that centers on bringing together activists, artists, and other community partners to address issues of injustice through the lens of history and art.

The position of Community Outreach Coordinator will serve as the project lead in working with our grassroots activist and organization partners and in facilitating community outreach in relation to all aspects of the Recontextualizing Richmond project. This will entail leading and maintaining a set schedule of consensus building meetings which are mission critical to the projects execution, working with project partners to find additional opportunities for community engagement, and taking a prominent role in public speaking and event coordination.

This role will report to the Creative Director and Technical Director and will also serve as a third project manager with strong input and responsibilities in shaping the scope, design, implementation and execution of a multi-faceted public art project. A candidate for this position must be comfortable with multi-tasking and maintaining their own schedule to meet project goals and tackling new challenges like collaborating on multimedia educational content and taking a hands-on approach to building an art installation. This is a full time contract position (1099) which will require flexible hours and occasionally working on nights and weekends.


An ideal candidate will have a strong background in working within their community and a passion for creating positive change through public engagement. An interest and experience in history, art, activism, and community service are key to this role, as is a comfort in working with technology. Candidates must be prepared and willing to appear in, work with, and interact with press and other media outlets.

Applicants are asked to submit their resume, and a cover letter speaking to their background in relation to the position and their views on the role that art can play in engaging the public with pressing social issues. Please send all materials to with Community Outreach Coordinator in the subject.

About the Company

Reclaiming the Monument is a Richmond, Virginia based grassroots organization which combines art and activism in the pursuit of racial, social, historical, and environmental justice. Reclaiming the Monuments’ work has been featured in media and publications around the world, including being featured on the cover of National Geographic’s first ever “Year In Pictures” issue and being called one of the “Most Influential Works of American Protest Art Since World War II” by the New York Times.

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