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Recontextualizing Richmond is a collaborative public art initiative by Reclaiming the Monument in partnership with the Valentine, that brings together activists, artists, and historical institutions to elevate neglected historical narratives in Richmond, Virginia through works of light based art. 


By working with longstanding grassroots organizations and activists to shape the design, narratives, and scope of each project, Recontextualizing Richmond creates a platform to engage the public with these long suppressed histories and the voices of those who are affected by their legacies.


We see this project as an opportunity to bring our community together through dialogue, collaboration, and truth telling to contemplate our past as we move towards a more just, equal, and peaceful future for all who call our great city home.


Our partners include: Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project, Untold RVA, the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia, and the American Civil War Museum.

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